Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's almost that time!

Hi all!

Just wanted to keep you all in the loop. You now have just over a month to complete your submission for the charity vampire anthology, In Vein. Some of you have already sent your short stories to me and they are looking great! I'm very excited about how this is going to turn out. Please pass this project along to others who might be interested in submitting a short story. I know they'd only have a month but it can be done. There is no minimum word count. Other than my story, which is going last in the book, I'm going to be putting all your names in a hat and the order I pull them out is the order they'll be placed in the book. Just wanted to let you know that I'm trying to be as fair as possible. I'm so excited! I started working on the beginning of the book (copyright, required paragraph, table of contents set up, etc) and it makes me happy to think that you are all so giving in helping me give back to the St. Jude's Children. After the book is out on Amazon (paperback & Kindle) and on Smashwords, you will each get a code for a free copy on Smashwords, that way you can pick your reading method (mobi, epub, etc). I'll need each of your emails so that when we do get sales and I send money to St. Jude's, I can email you and give you an update on what we're doing for them. The book is going to be published under my Vampirical Lyrical Publishing so I have a separate account from my books just for this book.

To submit your stories, please email them to vampiricallyrical@gmail.com. If you'd like to include a few words about yourself (short bio), I'll include that in each section before your story. If not, that's fine too.

Well, email me if you have any questions and to submit your bios and story. Talk to you all soon.

Keep Writing!
Jodie Pierce